Friday, 5 September 2014

Doctor Who: My Regeneration

'My Regeneration' as performed by the Modfathers of time and relative dimensions…….or Reeves and Mortimer during their time on the brilliant BBC program, Shooting Stars.

Artwork by me featuring illustrations of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who.

Inspired wholeheartedly by the original Shooting Stars sketch. If you want to check it out please click the link below…

Actually this post is something of a regeneration in itself. My first in over 3 years. Crikey. I'm actually feeling quite faint. Someone call a paramedic. Or a Doctor....!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

David Cronenberg Interview Illustration

David Cronenberg

Another cool thing on the art front is that one of my toons is currently being used to illustrate an interview with the film Director David Cronenberg for the 'Los Angeles Review of Books' website. This is particularly awesome as I have been a fan of David's work for many a year now. The interview is written by Jonathan Penner. Long live the new flesh!

Check out the interview here...

If you would like to download the original version of this picture (along with Mark Kermode and David Lynch) as a wallpaper please visit the wallpapers page on my main website....

Mark Kermode, David Lynch and David Cronenberg Wallpaper

Starburst Magazine (Walking Dead) Relaunch Cover

The Walking Dead Starburst Relaunch Cover

I've been fortunate enough to find myself working for the great Starburst Magazine recently. Starburst was a UK Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy magazine that ran for just over thirty years from the late 70's to the late noughties. As a magazine it grounded itself in the best of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy films, tv series, books etc. Starburst was always a great read but what was particularly great about it was that it was more than just a sum of its parts. Starburst was never content with just reviewing the standard sci-fi fare. It is with thanks to Starburst and its then main film reviewer, Alan Jones, that I was, at a young age, introduced to the joys of the work of David Lynch, Joe Dante, Rod Serling, Alejandro Jodorowsky, John Landis, Ray Harryhausen, Goerge Lucas, Harry Bromley Davenport and many more besides. Very odd in a way now to think of a budding 13 year old sci-fi/horror fan who was busting at the gut to see films like Andrzej Zulawski's Possesion or Jean-Pierre Mocky's Litan (a film I'd still like to see if anyone knows of its whereabouts).

The magazine is about to be relaunched (14th February 2012) and this is my cover for the relaunch issue.

This one took a while to do and, if you haven't already guessed, is based on the hit TV series The Walking Dead. I have to admit I had an awful lot of fun doing the zombies on this.

The launch issue above will be making its debut on 14th February 2012 via subscription or speciality comic stores.

For more details on subscriptions please visit the link below....

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Chichester Charity Gig in aid of Cancer

Can You Help?

First up thanks for taking the time to read this. If you are reading this it's probably because I have pointed you here to read this as sites like Facebook and Twitter have limits on the amount that you can say in a status update and this will be more than 143 characters long. Don't worry though it won't be loads and will only take about a minute to read...

Ok, I don't know if anyone will be able to help with this or not but I'm going to ask anyway as it's for a blimmin' good cause. To cut a long story short, as I believe Spandau Ballet once sang, a friend of mine is organising a music night in The Chichester Inn in Chichester on August 17th to raise money for cancer charities. The evening is organised with the pub and everything is set in place but my friend desperately needs some bands to volunteer their services for the night. Like I say it's for charity so no money will be involved but as I say it is for a blimmin' awesome cause. Can you help? If you know anyone or are in a band and would like to play and help raise money to fight the big C then please contact either Diana or Sarah on Twitter. Alternatively check out the facebook page my friend has set up for her charity which details this and other events she is organising…

Dianas Charity Cycle Challenge Sponsorship Page

If any band out there needs a little extra enticement to take part in this evening then I'll happily do a toon of any band that agrees to take part absolutely free of charge. Any good to anyone?

Big thanks to anyone that can help. If you can't help could you share this link to your fans/followers on facebook/twitter etc in case they can help. Cheers m'dears


Monday, 12 April 2010

The Matt Smith and Karen Gillan 'Doctor Who' caricature.

This is my new illustration of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as Doctor Who and Amy Pond.

I'm a big fan of Who in general but have to say the first episode of the 11th Doctor's first series, The Eleventh Hour, was an absolute corker. Actually I thought it was the best episode of the new series I'd seen since Blink. The second episode, The Beast Below, was equally good and was really great at showcasing the strength of the Amy Pond character. I have a sneaky feeling that Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will turn out to be one of the shows strongest pairings. The episode had some nice touches as well including quite strong references to both Star Wars and Terry Pratchett. Dr Who has always been good at pilaging outside influences as part of their stories even old school Who. Only two episodes in and it feels to me like Matt Smith has been Doctor who forever. A big thumbs up to all concerned from this old school Who fan. Roll on the next episode, The Victory of the Daleks, I can't wait.

Anyway being that the new series has blown me away in such great style how could I not depict the two main characters welchtoons style. I hope you like it. As ever if anyone wants to check out the rest of my art please feel free to check out my website.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Film Quiz Art for Chichester Cinema

Crikey! I've just realised that this appears to be my first blogpost for 2010. Well thank goodness that, after the debacle that was 2009, it is going to be a positive one. I've had some good news this week which has been great. The great news is that my artwork will once more be becoming a fixture of Chichester's fantastic cinema at the New Park. I originally exhibited my works there back in 2006 and, at the time, had a fantastic response from the cinema and its patrons. I'm now returning with a series of new illustrations that will be showcased at an event organised by the Cinema. The event in question is a film quiz that will be held at the Upper Brasserie at the Minerva Theatre (opposite Chichester Festival Theatre) in Chichester, West Sussex on March 27th. Chichester Cinema hopes that this film quiz will help them to raise funds for new digital equipment. The quiz will feature tables of 6 named after favourite film stars / directors and, as you've possibly already guessed, I am providing illustrations of the relevant film people. My illustrations will be for sale at this event and will also be available at the cinema shortly. There will also be a raffle at this event which will include prizes of Festival Theatre tickets, Dinner Outings, Cinema Tickets, Champagne etc. This sounds like it will be a great evening and I am very excited about taking part. The illustrations I am producing for this event are as follows...

If you'd like more information about the film quiz itself then please click the following link to the cinemas website...

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Almost there...

I heard the new
Lucinda Rosa
track yesterday and it
sounds amazing.
It's taken them a while
to get the exact sound
they wanted but things
are definitely coming
to fruition and its definitely been
well worth the wait.

Their myspace site is up and
running and the new track and
band details will posted up very
soon. At the moment the site
just features some of
the art I've been doing for them
which is obviously well worth a look...
...heh, heh, heh!!